Tuesday, October 18, 2016

AXUG Summit

I am just now getting back from AXUG Summit, and what an experience it was! Besides being located in the sunny Tampa, Florida (of which I saw very little), I was awarded the AXUG All Star and Chapter Leader of the Year awards! It was truly an honor to be recognized for my commitment to the AX community and the work that I put forth this past year to help make the world of AX just a little bit better for the end user.

After Summit last year, I recognized that there was a need for AX content for beginners that was relatable and that anyone could understand. I focused on really interacting with beginners and started to develop a webinar series through the AXUG called AX for Dummies. It was received well, and I received feedback from many users that it was a great learning tool for them to see what the system was capable of. I heard from plenty of users all the way up the ladder to CEO who enjoyed what content I shared.

I am starting this blog as my way to share random musings about AX in addition to new product offerings and some of the more interesting things I find myself stumbling upon. I like to write and I like to talk, so expect it to be pretty random and fun. You might actually learn something too! Enjoy!