Sunday, November 27, 2016

Using Dimensions Display to Gain Insight into Inventory

AX is extremely robust in its ability to allow for single user configuration and personalization, and one of my favorite tools for this is Dimensions display.

Dimensions Display is found in many different places in AX related to inventory. Based on how you set up your products, there are many ways to use Dimensions Display to really drill down into your inventory. Dimensions Display can be found by looking for the words Dimensions Display along with an icon for a "flux capacitor" in AX. If you don't know what a flux capacitor is, you are really missing out. But for the sake of this blog post, I am going to show you what it looks like:

Dimensions Display icon as seen in AX 2012 R3
See Doc, it really DOES look like the flux capacitor! Now, if only we had a DeLorean...

In my AX 2012 R3 demo environment, I have 11,410 HDMI 6' Cables in my physical inventory. That's all well and good, but where are they located?

Screenshot showing total of 11,410 HDMI cables in inventory
There are 11,410 HDMI 6' Cables in Physical inventory.

If I click on Dimensions Display, I see that I am only Displaying On-hand inventory by Item number right now.

Dimensions Display form in AX 2012 R3 with Item number selected
Dimensions Display form in AX. Be sure to save your setup! 

I want to also see my On-hand inventory broken down by warehouse, so I am going to select warehouse and click OK.

Four different warehouses showing inventory that adds up to 11,410.
We now see the total number of HDMI 6' Cables broken down by warehouse.

As you can see, I am now showing the 11,410 HDMI 6' Cables broken out into four separate warehouses.

Now, what if I want to see the location where these HDMI 6' Cables are stored within my warehouse as well? I reopen Dimensions Display and select Location.

A screenshot of my 11,410 HDMI 6' Cables broken down by warehouse and location
I am getting so much more information now! 

This has really broken it down for me! I can continue forward using additional dimensions that my company has set up including site, license plate, serial number, batch number, pallet ID, inventory status, and item variants of size, color, style, and configuration.

Where Will I See Dimensions Display in AX?

This tool comes into play in many locations in AX. If you ever find yourself looking at inventory and needing more information, look for the Dimensions Display button. You can try to personalize your screen by adding this information there, but it won't work. You have to go through Dimensions Display.

This can be helpful when:

  • Looking up inventory transactions
  • Using Master planning
  • Completing a Picking list registration
  • Completing Transfer orders
  • And many other essential functions in AX. 

Don't be scared to try new ways to set up your Dimensions Display in AX. You may find that it gives you better insight into your business and you can easily flip back and forth between many different item dimensions to dynamically gain insight into your on-hand inventory.

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