Thursday, March 16, 2017

AX Word of the Week: Infolog

Ah, the infolog. You are probably very familiar with this if you work in AX in any capacity, but you may not have known what it was called. The infolog is a tool that developers use to communicate issues within the system to users, but you probably are more familiar with it as that %#^$& pop up message that's not letting you do your job.

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Watch your language!

What is an infolog in AX?

An infolog is a separate window that pops up in AX when an error occurs. Now, infologs aren't just used for errors. They are used to communicate many different messages. Sometimes you may see a warning message, or even a message of successful transaction in an infolog. There are three different types of infologs. They are:

  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error

As you may have guessed, information infologs are the ones that let you know that a transaction has successfully posted or that you have switched companies. A warning infolog is just that - a warning letting you know that whatever you just did might cause an issue. And an error infolog is the one that makes everyone crazy. We are all familiar with those!

The anatomy of an infolog

Typically, your infologs will have two windows. One with information and a blank one. There are also buttons that give options to clear the infolog and close it as well.

typical infolog
Typical infolog in AX

If you click on the words in the top box, you can read them more legibly in the bottom window and an "Edit" button will appear at the bottom with the clear and close buttons:

infolog with additional info in bottom window
Click on the words in the top window to view the entire message in the bottom window.

Edit is available to Sys admins who can then go into the AOT and find out more info about the message and why it's being generated.

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