Sunday, March 12, 2017

The D365 Tech Conference

Yes, I am in Seattle this week for the D365 Tech Conference! Don't worry though, I am not completely abandoning my AX followers for Dynamics 365 for Operations. I know that there will be people using AX for years to come and I will continue to provide content for AX users as long as I am using AX. But this week, I am all about Dynamics 365.

As I arrive in Seattle, I am reminded of the first Convergence I attended (for those of you who haven't heard of this, it was the premier Dynamics conference hosted by Microsoft every year in March). I remember being completely overwhelmed with information, but walking away with newfound knowledge of this ERP solution. It was also there that the importance of the AXUG was reinforced for me as a resource that needed to be utilized. I had heard about it through my partner, but the AXUG Programming Director got me involved with a Customer Advisory Board where I could directly give feedback to Microsoft about AX. That in itself is a huge membership benefit to the AXUG, but other benefits I have reaped from my membership include webinars and Academy classes, attending local chapter meetings, and growing enough in my knowledge to the point where I could host my own webinars and eventually begin writing this blog! I am hoping that this conference will give me that overwhelming surge of new information to process and that it is all beneficial as AX begins to take its new shape into Dynamics 365 for Operations.

While AX is a good, solid ERP product, I feel that it is also important to keep up with new and emerging technology. Prior to getting into any new product, it's important to gather information to make the best, most informed decision for your company. All this week, I plan on blogging about what I learn so that you may also glean some helpful tidbits about the product we are affectionately calling D3FO (because Dynamics 365 for Operations is a mouthful). If you aren't subscribed yet, there's no better time than now to subscribe to AX Soup by email.

I am looking forward to learning more about Dynamics 365 and everything that this entails. Keep an eye out for blog posts all week!

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